Thursday, January 17, 2013

...With a Little Help

Sarah Loertscher and me in my second Seattle studio working on pieces 
for an LA trunk show, 2007

I just started working with a new intern a few days ago, Samie Todd. Samie and I met at the VCU Handcrafted Entrepreneurship Symposium and she emailed me a few weeks later asking about a possible internship. Between starting with her and contemplating my ten years at work, I began to think about all the assistants, interns, and friends I've worked with over the years. All of these individuals' help proved to be invaluable, some working with me for months, others as semester interns, and others just helping me for a few days to get me through a tough spot. It's a challenge to manage and delegate simply because it's another way of thinking and hard to do when under pressure, which was often the case when I sought help. But, it's a good challenge and gave me an opportunity to work alongside some great 'smiths and people. I really enjoyed working with each of them and I still can't thank them enough. 

Seth Papac 
Heidi Thompson
Holly Lendosky
Samie Todd

I hope you will take a few moments to visit their websites. Most of them are full-time working metalsmiths and artists. (And, I hope I didn't forget anyone!)

Thanks for reading.

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