Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hmm, Very Interesting...My Favorites 2012

This is the third installment of my annual favorites list, my collection of jewelry and art websites, online articles, and other interesting bits that I discovered in 2012. As I said last year, I love sharing this kind of stuff...if you have a favorite you think I might like, please email me the link ( or leave it here as a comment. 

Above, Jointed Jewels by Alissia Melka-Teichroew/byAMT. 

Grids, distress, unusual use of enamel...the work of Michael Rybicki:

Attention grabbing, graphic, brightly colored textile jewelry by Fern Elizabeth:

The work and the site of Peta Kruger is so, so good...I love how big the images are, the pieces feel monumental and you can see all the detail:

The jewelry collection at the Victoria and Albert is astounding and brought me to tears. I went twice while I was in London and I will go every time I go back to that city just to be in the presence of all that history. The Hidden Treasures interactive feature on the website allows you to take a closer look at selected pieces form the collection and read the history behind it. 

I haven't included music before but feel compelled to tell you about Japandroids, my favorite band discovery of 2012. I saw them live in December and felt like I was 22 again. This song is my favorite:

In the last year and a half I've acquired a number of tattoos and I'm saving up for one by Becca of Jayne Doe in Essex, England. I don't think I'll see her until 2014, though. Full sleeves by 40...not a lot of time, but an excellent goal.

Two wikipedia articles on memory and observation that I used as a starting point when I began my work for my solo show, "Observation/Translation."

Incredible aerial views of Dutch flower fields:

My aunt sent me this link to the awesome mixed-media embroidery by Lauren DiCioccio:

Sadly his website no longer exits, but you can still see Tristram Lansdowne's fantastic paintings here

This is just odd and creepy and wonderful--The spirit photographs of William Hope: A set on Flickr of supposed ghosts from the early 1900's:

And, since I spent so much time in Belgium, I will post my list of favorite Belgian links on Monday. Stay tuned...

See the 2011 list here and the 2010 list here. 

Thanks for reading.

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