Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh, I forgot to Mention, I've Been in Business for 10 Years.

my first studio in Seattle, set up right after I graduated from UW, 2002
it was 42 square feet

2012 marked my tenth, yes, tenth, year in business. I thought about this occasionally during the year but failed to talk about it. I had so much going on, I just never got around to it. Then as the year came to a close I began thinking about it more. I've been in business for ten years, seven of which I have been full time. For both of these facts I am excited and grateful. I've been doing this thing that I love more than anything else everyday (and often literally every day of the week). All this week I will be blogging about my ten years at work as a celebration of sorts. To begin, here are pictures of all my studio spaces over the years and I've added an album to Facebook where you can see more.
Seattle studio, 2002
 my studio at Vain in Seattle when I had a four-month residency, 2004
 my Portland, OR studio, 2005
my second Seattle studio, 2006
my first Asheville studio, 2007
my Penland studio, 2009
my new Asheville studio

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