Monday, September 30, 2013

The Interview

Raissa Bump and I were recently interviewed by Missy Graff of Art Jewelry Forum about our show "Parallel Constellations." Missy asked us questions about the concept, collaborating, and what we are reading, among others. I think it's a nicely balanced interview--Raissa and I share our individual perspectives and, when paired, they create a complete story.

Sincere thanks to Art Jewelry Forum and Missy Graff. A true honor. Thank you!

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I am working with a great bunch of students here at Arrowmont. They are pretty eager for information and are attentive and inquisitive during my demos. Then they just get to work and they work hard. They also seem to be really enjoying it...

I do love hard-workers.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

And Now I'm in Tennessee

The Great Smoky Mountains along the Foothills Parkway, one of my favorite drives in the U.S.

I got home late Friday night from the West Coast and hopped in a rental car on Sunday to drive to  Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts in Gatlinburg, TN. Class started Sunday evening and we began demos yesterday. I'm teaching "Innovating the Chain" again and excited to have even more time for this class--a whole five days! 

the studio and some of my students

my bench

This message welcomed me when I arrived at the studio. 
Thanks, Kristin!

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Final

for the great images

Just a few final thoughts about my two-person show with Raissa Bump...The entire process was wonderful from start to finish. It really and truly was. Two years ago we were invited by Gallery Lulo to do this show over lunch on a beautiful California day. In January of this year we began developing the concept and started making the work. Over the following months we talked frequently, discussing progress, problems, and triumphs.

photo: Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco

Working with Raissa couldn't have been easier or more lovely. We worked beautifully together as we shared ideas and challenges and made decisions regarding various aspects of the exhibition. We were also supportive of one another all along the way. I arrived in San Francisco a few days before we installed the work and spent most of my time with Raissa in her home and studio. We talked more about the work and the process and even made new pieces side by side. It felt fantastic to have an equal partner in a big project like this. It was good to know I was not alone, while being challenged in new ways to do well. I loved every minute! I'm glad we had that time together before the opening. It felt like the perfect end to the story. It felt really special.

Raissa was the person who encouraged me to get back into one-of-a-kind work several years ago when I was feeling discouraged by production jewelry. Since then we have become good friends and close colleagues. Being in a show with her was a wonderful way for me to honor our relationship. It was also a wonderful new way to experience what I do. I am honored to be in a show with such a dear friend and colleague and it was truly an absolute pleasure to work with her.

Thank you, Raissa! 

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Opening

thanks to Nat Hansen for the wonderful photo of Raissa and I during our artist talk

What a wonderful opening it was! The work looked beautiful, lots of people came, and we gave a casual, yet intimate talk. It all felt incredibly natural and personal, right on par with the entire process from developing the idea to making the work to collaborating to installing the finished pieces in the gallery. What an absolute pleasure to celebrate with a dear friend and colleague after two years of planning and working.

Thanks to everyone who attended the opening - it felt truly special. Huge thanks to the Metal Arts Guild of San Francisco for making a special trip and for all the great questions and conversation. And, finally, sincere thanks to Karen and Katrina of Gallery Lulo for taking us on and for being so supportive throughout the process. 

Thanks to the amazing Suzanne Pugh for these great photos, too! (top and bottom)

More images on Flickr.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Install

Raissa and I installed the work on Friday before the opening and it really could not have gone better. We began with our collaborative pieces because we knew we wanted them together--it was a simple, defined place to start. Then we moved on to our black and white necklaces. Next we began working with a grouping of tables, selecting one for her pieces, one for mine, and the other two for a mix of our work. Finally, we added more work to the walls and in the end, filled the space. 

The process was easy as we exchanged thoughts on what would be the best use of the space and the best places for our pieces. Karen and Katrina, our gallerists, were very supportive. They were open to our ideas and helped us to fully utilize the gallery. Our choices and the way the installation unfolded felt natural and unforced. 

More images on Flickr.

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Parallel Constellations - The Work

Sea and Land, Land and Sky, sterling silver

Maps: Upland, brass, sterling silver
a collaborative piece with Raissa Bump
Monoscopic, sterling silver

 Equilibrium, brass, sterling silver

Left Turn, Right Turn, brass, sterling silver

See the rest of the work on Facebook and on Flickr.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In Tandem

A few images of Raissa and I in her studio working on the final pieces for the show as well as titles and other show-related details. It's been great to work alongside her the last two days since we've been planning this show from afar for two years! 

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Seattle Debrief

I never tire of seeing this sculpture by Richard Serra at the 
Olympic Sculpture Park

I just left Seattle after an absolutely wonderful week of reconnecting with dear friends and colleagues, teaching at The Ranch, a trunk show at Velouria, and my usual wandering and art viewing/sight-seeing...Here are some highlights in pictures:

some of my students at The Ranch where I taught a two-day version of "Innovating the Chain"

The first Agnes Martin painting I have ever seen in person at the Seattle Art Museum. This was a big moment for me -  she is one of my favorite artists. 

The only picture I got to take at the Seattle Art Museum while visiting Future Beauty: 30 Years of Japanese Fashion.

one of my favorite pieces of street art, found in Pioneer Square

I got to spend part of a day with my mentor and dear friend Lori Talcott in her studio. 

Lots more on Flickr...

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