Sunday, May 30, 2010

enameling with helen carnac

for the next two weeks i will be taking an enameling class with helen carnac. the class is titled "mark making in enamel." here's the course description:

"The world is full of marks. They may be left accidentally or made with a purpose. We might see them or they might go unnoticed. Through photography, drawings, or found objects, we will collect a range of marks found in the Penland landscape. These will be used as the basis for an exploration of nontraditional enameling processes. Through a series of demonstrations and studio work, we will explore a range of techniques including mark making, drawing, sgrafitto, collage, and the appropriation of found materials."

i am, of course, excited to learn more about enameling, a technique i tried briefly last year when elizabeth turrell was teaching here. but, what i am most excited about is the mark making part - i am so curious about marking marks and drawing. i've been doing a little on my new work, namely my regal graffiti series, and i am also interested in just plain old drawing. being in a class is one the of the best ways for me to try something new. the structure of the class environment and the fact that i am out of my element really gets me to do stuff. plus, i really like helen's work...

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Friday, May 28, 2010

guest star friday #63...adele brereton

today's guest star is london-based metalsmith, adele brereton. adele's work focuses on the technique of raising and the forms she creates are organic and airy. i really like the mix of opposites--the pearly-white fine silver finish next to rich, dark wood forms. the pieces are very simple, yet have a lot of personality.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

new regal graffiti

i just sent a new group of regal graffiti to quirk gallery in richmond, va. i tried to get out of my color comfort zone just a little with this group by using black as the top layer in most of the pieces. although, i like the end result, i still like white the most. i've posted the pro-shots i had taken here and added more studio images to flickr.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ahhhhh vacation and i love reading

i am back from my vacation and i am feeling incredible focused and "on" in the studio. the time away was exactly what i needed! (time off is so important.) i am about to finish a new group of work for gallery lulo--it's been a challenging process and was slow going before my break. then when i got to work on monday, the work just came together and i am very pleased...more on that later. in the meantime, while i was on vacation, i read 30 minute earrings from cover to cover. it was fun to study the projects and read about the designers.

then i read an entire metalsmith magazine, something i have not done in years. the issue (vol. 30, no. 1) included a great article on rian de jong. i was familiar with her work already, but really didn't know that much about her. the article is a nice mix of information about her jewelry and her life--both very interesting! i also enjoyed reading "the unimportant collector" by ron porter which i can totally relate to because i am one of the collectors the author describes. the issue had so many good articles in it including the reviews and studio visit and the little gem about stanley lechtzin by harlan butt. i have often felt alienated by the tone of the magazine over the years, but this one was an exception and has renewed my interest in the publication. i will read the latest issue from cover to cover, too, i'm sure.

i also read the creative habit by choreographer twyla tharp. i loved it so much i only took me two days to read. i highly recommend it! it's all about the creative process and has some excellent exercises to bolster one's creativity. and finally, in addition to my regular stack of fashion mags and fiction, i read trust the process by shaun mcniff, another excellent book on the creative process. wow, i am so inspired right now!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

30 minute earrings

i got my advance copy of 30 minute earrings last week. it looks like a great book with lots of interesting things to make. my warm earrings are one of 60 featured designs. i especially love the pieces by boris bally, amanda shero granstrom, and brenda schweder. i can definitely see having a little fun in the studio with this book very soon.

the book comes out on june 1 and you can preorder your own copy now.

thanks for reading.

Friday, May 7, 2010

guest star #62...marina massone

today's guest star is marina massone from argentina. when i first saw marina's work i did a double take - the corrugated/ribbon-like feel of the materials really through me off. the work is indeed all metal, just pleated, folded, and manipulated in ways that make the material transcend its inherent characteristics.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

and done!

here it is all finished...

more on flickr.

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in progress

i started working on this necklace last week. it's based on more folded paper and my current curiosity with chains. the links/connections are simple, but make for a rather complicated-looking, sculptural piece.

folded paper sample

initial design with taped ends

soldering in progress

almost finished
more images on flickr.

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