Sunday, May 30, 2010

enameling with helen carnac

for the next two weeks i will be taking an enameling class with helen carnac. the class is titled "mark making in enamel." here's the course description:

"The world is full of marks. They may be left accidentally or made with a purpose. We might see them or they might go unnoticed. Through photography, drawings, or found objects, we will collect a range of marks found in the Penland landscape. These will be used as the basis for an exploration of nontraditional enameling processes. Through a series of demonstrations and studio work, we will explore a range of techniques including mark making, drawing, sgrafitto, collage, and the appropriation of found materials."

i am, of course, excited to learn more about enameling, a technique i tried briefly last year when elizabeth turrell was teaching here. but, what i am most excited about is the mark making part - i am so curious about marking marks and drawing. i've been doing a little on my new work, namely my regal graffiti series, and i am also interested in just plain old drawing. being in a class is one the of the best ways for me to try something new. the structure of the class environment and the fact that i am out of my element really gets me to do stuff. plus, i really like helen's work...

thanks for reading.

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Lora Hart said...

That sounds like such a great class. I hope you'll be talking about it here.