Friday, January 25, 2013

Guest Star #110...Begoña Prats

I've been following today's Guest Star, Begoña Prats, for some time now and the other day she posted a picture on Facebook that really caught my attention. I loved the pieces and I loved the image and that's when I knew I wanted to write about her for today's post (see top picture). Each necklace has its own identity but when grouped together they become a graphic composition. I am drawn to work presented in this way and I am always interested in how work is arranged visually. 

I read a translation of Begoña's process and it seems she begins with found materials or objects and works intuitively to create something new. I can also relate to this because I often work this way. Her pieces are strong on form with details that add dimension, visual stopping points, and in between places that add curiosity. The addition of thoughtful, eye-pleasing color draws more attention to the forms and materials. 

Thanks for reading.

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