Friday, January 11, 2013

Guest Star Friday #108...Kranitzky and Overstreet

On my drive back to North Carolina I stopped in Richmond, VA and spent a few hours with today's guest stars, Robin Kranitzky and Kim Overstreet. I met these two wonderful women last year when I taught at Pocosin Arts Center and I am so glad I count them among my friends and colleagues today. They are lovely and make some pretty incredible mixed-media work in the form of sculpture and brooches. Each piece is a collaboration between the two long-time friends and contains layers of different materials and endless detail. Their studio is loaded with stuff, all organized in tiny drawers and stacks of boxes. After lunch and a mimosa we sat in the studio and talked and looked at stuff, which i probably could've done all day. And, when I arrived at my apartment in Asheville hours later, there was a package waiting for me. They told me it was "nothing" but really is was quite something. A thoughtful collection of security envelopes, bits of ephemera, and a little note. Our visit and that sweet package made that long drive worth it! 

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Tamber said...

They're amazing! I'm lucky enough to have attended a talk/technique demo at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond given by them a couple years ago when they had a show there.