Friday, January 18, 2013

Guest Star #109...Sofia Calderwood

So who was I looking at in jewelry and metalsmithing ten years ago? In addition to Susie Ganch, Lori Talcott, and Biba Schutz, I loved the work of Sofia Calderwood. I remember reading about her in Metalsmith and wrote a paper about her for my History of Body Adornment class while I was in school. I even got to talk with her about her work at that time. That was an exciting moment for me. Sofia's work combines traditional metalsmithing techniques and unconventional materials. I remember being drawn to her clever use of earplugs and chenille and even tried using fiber in my own work. I also liked the tiny scale of her hollowforms and her attention to detail, like graduated chain links and hammer marks.

Thanks for reading.

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