Monday, January 21, 2013

Now THAT was Good! ECU Metals Symposium (2013 Edition)

 Growing by Avery Lucas

I returned very late last night from Greenville, NC and the ECU Metals Symposium: Making Marks. This was my third year attending and as per usual I left feeling excited and inspired. Day one highlights included an excellent key-note lecture by Keith Lewis and a great workshop led by Jillian Moore. Keith's lecture detailed the inspiration and making of just one piece (this was fascinating!) and Jillian discussed and demonstrated how she makes her work with different kinds of resin, foam, and paint. Day two began with a wonderful lecture by Alison Baxter, an artist and the program director at West Dean College in England. She talked about the school and its programs, and got me thinking I might like to have a residency there one day. The afternoon lectures by Rachel Timmins and Jim Cotter couldn't have been more different but were equally as interesting and personal. I also observed several workshops throughout the day including enameling on steel with Jennifer Wells, making a toy with Gary Schott, and spray painting with Loring Taoka.

Jillan Moore and workshop participants
Loring Taoka talking about and using spray paint

There were lots of complementary exhibitions, too. When I first arrived Friday evening I went to "Caffeine and Saw-Blades" and the "ECU Enamels Exhibition." Then "Off the Wall" which included my work opened Saturday night. This show featured work made for the wall with
parameters--each piece occupied a 2' x 4' space. (I'll talk more about this soon!) On Sunday I took a walk with friends to the Greenville Museum of Art to see "Tongue-in-Cheek," a exhibition about mockery and materials. And, I can't forget to mention the annual student show and my favorite piece by Avery Lucas, a beautifully chased and repoussed anatomical heart. (See top picture.)

two wine stoppers by my Belgian-friend, Linda Savineau, at "Tongue-in-Cheek"
"Off the Wall" opening

The biggest things I walked away with this year are the personal connections and high-quality conversations with dear friends and new friends. I realize more and more each time I attend a function like this how special it is to be in this field. There are many truly unique and wonderful people all around me, people who are incredibly intelligent and creative, generous with their knowledge and experience, so warm and kind, and not-to-mention hilarious and super-fun. I am very proud to be a part of this field and look forward to seeing my friends and colleagues again soon.

Thanks to Angela Bubash and Zac Lopez, my road-trip much fun once again!

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