Tuesday, March 30, 2010

weekend workshop

chasing away

i taught a workshop here at penland for a group of high school students from the rj reynold's high school in winstem-salem, nc. rjr is an arts magnet school. i started by demonstrating roll printing and metal stamping with chasing tools. then i gave students copper discs to experiment with and later they turned their favorites into finished jewelry. we also did some other basics like sanding, using the drill press, and patination with liver of sulfur. it was fun for me (i really do love to see students get excited about metalwork!) and i think they enjoyed themselves, too. they made some really great pieces - here are a few examples:

thanks to all the students and their instructors and chaperons - what a nice bunch of kids (and adults)! thanks also to adam whitney, metals coordinator, for taking care of me in the studio and to stacey lane, community collaborations manager, for making such a wonderful thing happen. (the students spent the weekend at penland - in addition to jewelry they also learned felting with edwina bringle, attended an opening at the gallery, toured the studios, and went to the battle of the bands at local music venue, young's mountain music.)

thanks for reading.

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Robynn C said...

very cool! i want to come be your student for the weekend!!