Wednesday, March 3, 2010


i was interviewed for a project recently by a student at the massachusetts college of art and design. along with answering some questions, lauren also requested some images for her presentaion. i emailed her 10 and told her if she wanted anything specific that i did not include to just let me know. then she asked if i had any shots of my collections and arrangements in my studio. (lauren had been to penland last summer and saw my studio then.) i told her i didn't have any but had been thinking about this very thing - her request motivated me to document this current interest of mine and on saturday when the lighting was good i got to it. you can see all the shots on flickr.

and, to share something cool with you, check out lisa congdon's blog "a collection a day, 2010." lisa posts a daily photo of one of her many collections, some are objects, some are drawings, and all are very interesting. since realizing my keen interest in order, arrangements, and collecting last summer, i love finding others who are like minded. i was delighted to stumble upon lisa's wonderful project.

thanks for reading.

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