Monday, March 1, 2010

is it a drawing or is it jewelry?

i made this necklace last week for my show at rare device. i've been thinking about making this chain since i completed two necklaces with similar chains for the barns show back in the fall. i started making these links last summer when i made the "this is awkward" series for the stimulus project at sienna gallery. i really had no idea then how it would become so important to me now. making the chain is not rocket science, in fact it's so simple, but i find it incredibly appealing and satisfying. i had the idea to hang it on the wall in different formations because it reminds me so much of a drawing.

this necklace will be on view at rare device as part of the group exhibition fault lines, opening friday, march 19.

more images on flickr.

thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

drawing with jewellery, sweet! Are these made from steel?

Amy Tavern said...

thanks! they are oxidized sterling

alisa said...

i love it! i've been on a chainmaking kick lately. been loving playing with different ways to weight them so that they hang just so.

kristin d'agostino said...

wow - these are really beautiful. thanks for sharing them.