Friday, March 26, 2010

guest star #56...sebastian buescher

i rarely blog about male jewelers when i write my guest star friday posts and i have been wanting to change this. while in san francisco i was delighted to see the work of sebastian buescher at velvet da vinci. my interest happened naturally, without trying, and i like that. sebastian makes abstract jewelry using a variety of materials including shells, coral, thread, bone, porcelain, and stones in a soft, muted color palette. there is a lot to look at and consider in each piece - the materials and how they are combined, how the piece is constructed, the details. some of the pieces at velvet include bezels with thoughtful details - the edge sawed in short intervals around the piece, for example. i am also interested in his concepts and just read that he considers his ideas to be three-fold: "experimentation, materials, and history." very, very interesting...

you can see and read more at his blog, klimt02, and at alternatives gallery including a great interview about his process.

thanks for reading.


Maria Apostolou said...

His work is incredible! I just read and enjoyed the interview too!
Haven't commented on your blog before but I read it frequently, your content is of great quality!

Amy Tavern said...

thank you, maria! i appreciate it! and yes, i really like that interview - very thoughtful, lots of good info.