Thursday, March 25, 2010

once again...SF, part 2

bib necklace, 1947, for the duchess of windsor (nick welsh, cartier collection)

a big part of traveling for me has become seeking out and looking at jewelry. i usually do research before i leave for a new city or favorite place and find new stores or exhibitions to visit while i am there. this trip was no exception! on thursday i met up with raissa bump at the legion of honor to see "cartier in america." it was incredible - the work is elegant and extravagant, refined and sometimes over the top, and always dazzling. i loved seeing these pieces up close, not just for the incredible stones, but for the intense craftsmanship. my favorites include the necklace above and this brooch:

stomacher brooch, 1907 (nick welsh, cartier collection)

i also enjoyed seeing some ancient examples from the museum's permanent collection, like this gold wreath form greece.

gold wreath from greece, 4th-3rd century

more tomorrow...

thanks for reading.

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