Friday, March 5, 2010

guest star friday #54...maranon

thanks to a former student of mine, i discovered the work of maranon (who's first name is lorena). the timing couldn't be better - i'm stitching a lot these days and curious about how embroidery is being used in contemporary jewelry. i love the graphic compositions and her color combinations. and you gotta love the effect of that satin stitch! i also like that the work has a vintage feel, maybe it's the stitching alone, maybe it's the muted colors...this work makes me want to hold everything and stitch something.

find more on her flickr or read her interview when she was featured on etsy.

thanks for reading.

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kristin d'agostino said...

These are lovely. They make me think of another jeweller...Sandra Bushby. She is a NZ jeweller/embrodery force, with a really interesting approach to her practice.