Monday, March 29, 2010

once again...SF, part 4

on the night of the opening of fault lines, there were two other openings happening at another gallery, velvet da vinci. these began an hour earlier than fault lines so i was able to attend. i even got there early enough to hear the curator of "chased + repoussed," nancy megan corwin, talk about the show. the exhibition includes varied work by artists who use primarily chasing and repousse in their work. the pieces, both jewelry and holloware, range in style from minimal to organic, abstract to representational. (see all the images here.) my favorite pieces include the funnel pictured above by suzanne pugh and:

miel-margarita paredes - from the "gnaw" series

kate case - brooch

also opening that evening was "rob jackson - the eloquent nail." for this exhibition, rob created a body of work using "found steel fragments." the resulting work includes an excellent mix of fine metalsmithing, elegant materials like gold and faceted stones, and aged, organic, and wonderfully textured nails. see all the images here.

it was such a treat to be able to attend these openings at one of my favorite galleries and they definitely added to the excitement of the evening for me.

thanks for reading.

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