Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new wedding rings

my friends, tes and jason, are getting married in a few weeks and they asked me to make their wedding rings. i finished them recently and just got this image back from my photographer. i am especially pleased with this new set and i know tes and jason are, too. the design plays off tes' engagement ring which features a tanzanite encircled by a frame of tiny diamonds. i chose to use the frame as a graphic element and chased tiny circles to mimic it around the center of each band.

in addition to these rings, i have also recently made bands for another couple in minneapolis and have two more sets to go, one for a couple in brooklyn and another in philadelphia. i really enjoy making wedding rings. i love making such important pieces of jewelry and working with gold is always fantastic. i must admit, the time leading up to the making can be a bit daunting for me just because wedding rings are so significant - it's a big responsibility. however, once i get started, i find such joy in the process and in knowing i'm making such an important piece of jewelry for a client. it feels pretty special.

also, i've been so into wedding rings these days (between all the making of them and reading about the history of rings) that i finally got myself a copy of 500 wedding rings. the designs are incredible and inspiring not only for wedding ring design, but for jewelry design in general.

to see more of my wedding rings, please visit my website or my flickr.

thanks for reading.

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diane said...

I love these rings and the modifications to your mother's wedding rings as well. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.