Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Exposition No. 2 and No. 3

On Saturday I went to see two different exhibitions at the Silver Museum, also just outside of Antwerp. The first exhibition, "Patro(o)n," featured the work of graduates from four different Antwerp area schools. There was some really wonderful pieces in this show, some very strong work. The ones I was most interested in include those by Natalie Bal, Nathalie Monteyne, Anouk Droesbeke, and Arnaud Sprimont, all pictured here. I also had the pleasure of meeting Arnaud, the person behind Apparat, a website that showcases international jewelry. He published images of my work awhile ago when the site first began and was kind enough to publish my new work just the other day. (Thank you, Arnaud!)
Silver Museum (Yep, it's a castle.)
  Arnaud Sprimont
 Natalie Bal
 Nathalie Monteyne
 Anouk Droesbeke

The other exhibition in an upstairs gallery featured the work of candidates for the Wim Ibens Prize, an annual award in memory of Wim Ibens, a metalsmith and the founder of the jewelry department at the Royal Academy Fine Arts in Antwerp. I loved the work of Anke de Kort and this year's prize winner in jewelry, Ria Lins
Ria Lins
 Anke de Kort
 Wim Ibens Prize Program 

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