Friday, June 15, 2012

Paris! Part Deux.

Yesterday I went to the Musee Carnavalet, a museum devoted to the history of Paris. Although, I am interested in this very topic, I went just to see this captivting painting by Francois Gerard of Juliette Recamier. It took me awhile to find her after asking three different attendants and then finally there she was! Totally worth the wait. I spent probably 30 minutes taking in all the details. I did view the rest of the museum and got to see the bedroom of Marcel Proust, the interior of a ballroom. and a fascinating collection of artifacts from the French Revolution.

In the afternoon I took a nice walk to Objet Rare (thanks for the tip Alisa!), a tiny jewelry store and studio in the 11th arrondissement. I met the owners, Helene Thomas and Caroline Volcovici, and saw some really great pieces, including the work of Claire Wolfstirn. I bought one of her brooches as my souvenir. I also got to visit the studio in the basement where two jewelers were working including, Aude Medori, pictured here.

As I walked around I saw lots of graffiti and street art including many pieces by Space Invader. In fact his small tile installations are everywhere! I loved spotting them as I walked between neighborhoods along with so many other stencils and wheatpastes.

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vanda campbell said...

2I love the Space Invader tiles too Amy! There are a few around Covent Garden in London, and I think other European cities too x