Thursday, June 21, 2012

Belgium: First Observations

I have only been in Antwerp for a few days and really all I’ve been doing is getting myself settled into my apartment and figuring out things like the bus system, my international calling options, and how I can have the internet in my apartment. In between trips to the Carrefour (my grocery store), I have been walking around my neighborhood, taking pictures of houses and thatched roofs. I am also thinking about my new work for my next solo show…I’m tossing around ideas of travel, sense of home and place, being like a stranger in a strange land, different forms of relationships, opposites, observations and reactions to my surroundings, moments, and glimpses…

I plan to do some writing and sketching this week and hope to begin making things next week. My studio will be at the gallery, “Beyond Fashion,” which I am very excited about. I like the idea of getting on the bus everyday and going into the city to work. I like the idea of working in the space that will house the show and look forward to getting to know my gallerists/hosts Karin and Rene, who have already proven to be wonderful first night here I met them at the gallery, we had a nice visit over coffee, and then they took me to dinner before driving me to my apartment and showing me around.

More thatched roof pictures on Flickr.

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