Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Have so Much to Tell You! Part 4

interior of my gallery "Beyond Fashion" in Antwerp, Belgium

And next week I "move" to Europe...I fly to Paris on June 11 and will spend a few days there before I head to Antwerp, Belgium for the summer. I will be living in an apartment outside of the city and making work for a solo exhibition that opens on September 6 at Beyond Fashion. I'm not sure what I will make for this show, but I have a feeling it will be about travel and place. I am looking forward to the process which will be quite different from my solo at Velvet da Vinci. I had a year to make that work while this time around I only have three months. Following my show opening, I will travel to England to spend time with friends and meet up with my sweetheart who will be there tattooing. Then we will travel together for a bit and end up in Certaldo, Italy where I will be a visiting artist for the East Carolina University Italy Intensives study abroad program. After that I will travel around Italy. Finally, I will spend November and December in Skagastrond, Iceland at the Nes Residency.  I will try to blog regularly and keep you up-to-date on what I'm up to while I'm away.
Certaldo, Italy
Skagastrond, Iceland


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