Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Exposition No. 1

On Friday I went to Sint-Niklaas with my gallerists and new friends from Beyond Fashion, Karin and Rene, and their daughter, Hervee (more on them soon!). Sint-Niklaas is a small town outside of Antwerp and we went to see an exhibition of students graduating from Academie Sint-Niklaas. The exhibition was located in the basement of a bank, thus the title, "Bank Secrets." I really liked the space, it had a great feeling to it--intimate and inviting with its soft lighting and low ceilings--and I enjoyed seeing the work. My favorite collection by Patricia Van den Berghe included necklaces, pins, rings, and a set of spoons about the life cycle of rabbits.
inside the basement
 installation with jewelry and a taxidermic rabbit
 the artist, her teacher, and one of my gallerists from 
Beyond Fashion
 pins and rings made with rabbit bones and fur
silver rabbit ear spoons
a street in Sint-Niklaas

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