Monday, June 4, 2012

I have so Much to Tell You! Part 1

from left - Amy, Mary, Kathie, Angie, Pamela, Rachel, and Anna,
enjoying a little Motown and a cocktail

I do love a blog series so here I go with a new one in which I catch you up, and there's a lot I want to tell you. You may have noticed that I've been gone from the blog for about a month, something I did not plan on. The end of concentration was intense and as soon as it was over I began moving. Then I went to the SNAG conference and now I am spending time with family before I fly to Europe on June 11. Needless to say, keeping up with the blog was one too many things for me to do and I couldn't wrap my head around writing. So I'll begin this week-long series with concentration...

Spring concentration was wonderful! It's an intense experience, but I loved teaching for eight weeks. I was "on" every day, juggling daily demos, weekly crits, field trips, visiting artists, Penland-related activities, and, of course, my 10 awesome students. I really did have the best class and they made excellent work, impressing me daily with their level of aptitude and enthusiasm and their strong work ethic. We also had a lot of fun together, doing something together as a class every week--like Motown and cocktails on the metals porch and a trip to Asheville for tattoos and dinner. I enjoyed every minute of teaching them and getting to know them.
Amy hammering away
Rachel soldering a copper container with two torches
my bench with flowers from my sweetheart
a bracelet I made for my dear friend and fellow instructor in hot glass, Martin Janecky
during our tattoo trip
a collection of tiny earrings by Anna
Penland Metals Studio Coordinator, Zac Lopez, shows us how to maintain a flex shaft
my class during our final crit on the last day of concentration

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Valerie A. Heck Esmont said...

I've only had a chance to teach one small class but I found it so rewarding. To see everyone succeed and learn! It looks like you had a great experience as well. : ) Goodluck on your trip!