Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Louis Vuitton trunks and images of what you would find inside

I am in Paris! Today I went to the Musee les Arts Decoratifs to see two different exhibitions: Louis Vuitton-Marc Jacobs and Un peu de terra sur la peau. Bijoux contemporains en ceramique (which basically translates "A little clay on the skin. Contemporary ceramic jewelry."). One of my favorite things to do is to see exhibitions of fashion and jewelry so I was psyched to discover these two shows! The LV-MJ show began with displays of LV trunks--my favorite included x-ray-like images of the things a man and a woman would carry in his or her own trunk. Then upstairs the work of MJ was displayed in varying themed vignettes. The trunks and the clothes were exquisite, incredible designs and details! It made me want to run back to my apartment and put my heels on!
two Marc Jacob gowns 

Next I roamed around the museum and looked at its permanent collection of furniture and objects as well as a special rarely-on-view selection of trompe-l'oeil pieces. I was happy to spy some gorgeous antique jewelry and a few contemporary works. I also got to see several rooms from the apartment of French designer, Jeanne Lanvin.
view of the exhibition with work by Marie Pendaries (front left)

I completed my visit with the contemporary ceramic jewelry exhibition and was informed by the attendant I was both the 100th patron of the day and the "only one to spend so much time" there. Sweet! I was the only one there during my visit, too, which was such a treat. I got to examine every piece and really spend time looking. What a great show! My favorites include Rian de Jong, Manon van Kouswijk, and Marie Pendaries. It was also fantastic to see Ted Noten, Katja Prins, and
Shu-Lin Wu works in person.
Rian de Jong
 Manon van Kouswijk - "Perles d artiste"

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Robyn Hawk said...

Thanks for this glimpse Amy - I am in love with that trunk....