Sunday, July 1, 2012

Exposition No. 4

Also on Saturday, June 23 I went to Brussels to see an exhibition at Rhok Academie with my gallerist, Karin De Buysere.  This was my favorite show of the four I went to between Friday and Saturday. There were four students and each one presented a strong collection of work--each unique to the person, thoughtful, sensitive, and cohesive. The collections looked beautiful together as well and the setting added to the serious, yet inviting nature of the exhibition. I had the pleasure of meeting the two instructors for the program, Jorge Manilla and Max Gielis, who gave us a tour of the exhibition and explained the concept behind the individual collections.
 necklace collection by Barbara Deriemaeker
 necklace by Barbara Deriemaeker
 Max, Karin, and Jorge
Nina Airopetova's work is pictured on the table
collection by Carine Van Lamdeghem
 collection by Annemarie (sorry I don't have her last name!)
Karin looking at the work of Nina Airopetova 

Marta Miguel Martinez-Soria posted a set of beautiful images on Facebook - you can see them here.

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