Monday, July 2, 2012

I Found the Spray Paint!

I met up with Karen Vanmol the other day so she could accompany me during my first trip to buy metal for my show. We met at the bus stop and walked less than a block to this small office. Metal is sold by weight here and the B & S gauge does not apply, which I realized too late. (Although, I did go with my measurements in centimeters!) I went by sight in choosing my metal and bought myself a nice sheet of sterling in what looks like 24 gauge, one of my favorite gauges to work with. Next we went to a small hardware store that reminded me of Ace Hardware. I found all kinds of good stuff I might work with: folded teardrop chain in brass, patterned brass sheet metal, string, and, of course, spray paint. I'm noticing fluorescent green these days--I see bits of it here and there as I walk around Antwerp.

(Thanks for the help, Karen!)

Oh! I just found the names for both places...I got the silver at P.C. Boschmans and the hardware store is Brico.

Thanks for reading.


Catherine Chandler said...

In the metric countries (which is pretty much everywhere), it pays to get comfortable with your millimeter measurements. 18 gauge is 1 mm thick, if that gives you a reference point. Can't wait to see what you're working on!!

Amy Tavern said...

Yes, I am learning all kinds of things on this trip including metric, Celsius, and the 24-hour clock. Keeps me on my toes!