Tuesday, July 10, 2012

So I Started Working...

 a detail of my custom traveling tool kit by Dana Fehsenfeld

Last week I started working on pieces for my solo show at Beyond Fashion. I began in my attic studio at home and then moved into my space at the gallery where I will do the majority of the work from now on. My gallerists' daughter, Hervee, generously loaned me her bench and I borrowed a bunch of tools from my friend, Linda. (More on that soon...!) Since my arrival I have been collecting images, thinking, drawing, and writing. Now I feel ready to work in metal (and other materials) and it feels good to be back at the bench after weeks away. 
all set up and ready to go
 just before starting my first day of work
 my bench at the gallery
 first necklace
 my custom hammer made by Seth Gould
 a few nice things to look at

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