Monday, July 16, 2012

I've Been Here a Month: Beyond Fashion Week

I have been in Antwerp for exactly one month today! This week to celebrate my anniversary-of-sorts I will be blogging about my gallery, Beyond Fashion, and the work I'm making, the reasons why I'm here. I began working with Karin and René, owners of Beyond Fashion, in 2011. Karin found my work online and invited me to be a part of the gallery. I liked the images of the space and was familiar with many of the artists she already represented. I also liked that the gallery had been open for over 10 years and, of course, it's very exciting to have one's work in a foreign country. At that time Karin also mentioned the idea of a solo show and we agreed on September, 2012. 
The gallery is located in the Zuid (South) of Antwerp, an area that feels like Brooklyn with cafes, galleries, and rows of Belgian-style "brownstones." I take the bus from my apartment here every day, walking a few blocks through the neighborhood. The first day I arrived I took a taxi from Antwerpen-Centraal and was greeted by Rene at the door. He made me a coffee and the three of us sat and had a nice visit before the gallery closed. Then they took me to Bourla for dinner and toasted my stay with a glass of cava, Spanish "champagne." Ever since they have been so generous with their time and help, escorting me to deal with my cell phone, explaining Belgian culture, introducing me to friends, and inviting me to outings with their family. I feel so fortunate!

You can also find Beyond Fashion on Facebook and Twitter.

You might also want to visit Joka Studio, Karin's sewing studio located upstairs from the gallery. Joka has a Facebook page, too.

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