Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Star Friday #95...Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria

Today's Guest Star is Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria. I first saw Marta's work on Flickr and was reacquainted with it my first week in Antwerp. Marta sent me an email with jewelry-related suggestions and then I saw her very briefly in Brussels when I went to the student show at Rhok Academie. I went home that night and revisited her work and remembered how much I liked it. She clearly loves exploring different kinds of materials and processes to create work that expresses her emotions, defines her relationships, and describes the intangible. In addition to her jewelry, Marta also draws and takes beautiful photographs - you can see these on her blog, "A Place Where Live."

Thanks for reading.

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Catherine Chandler said...

Her work is some of my absolute favorite! Thank you for sharing :)