Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beyond Fashion Week Part 3

The other group of work I have started in my sweet studio at Beyond Fashion is based on walks I have taken around my neighborhood, in Antwerp, and in Brussels. I rely on maps more than I ever have since arriving in Belgium and I'm getting really good at reading them, with help from the handy compass I wear around my neck everyday. (Thanks Galen!) I am also relying on observations to help me remember where I've been so I can get myself back instead of lost. These points are often street names or landmarks, but can also be anything from graffiti to something unusual that gives me pause. I make special note of these things in my mind; I deliberately commit them to memory. Recently I researched the meaning of the bow and remembered that it is often used to remember things, i.e. tying a bow around one's finger to remember something important. Realizing this was a big moment for me since my work has become about memory and I already use the bow. I have studied my maps and written down the details of three different walks and the specific points that I chose to remember. The pieces about these walks will be necklaces of bows and chains with each bow marking an important place. 

More images on Flickr.

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