Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Thinking About White (Addendum)

About a month ago I posted about the color white as an observation and as used in my work. I've been thinking about that post a lot and other themes or patterns in my work. I've been studying my photographs, too, something else I do often. Looking closely at my pictures shows me what I am interested in--sometimes it's a general theme, sometimes it's more about details or small parts, some patterns have been around for awhile, some are new. (I also imagine there are patterns that I don't see yet and maybe won't for awhile to come.) Here is a small collection of white photographs to complement my white post from December. It's also a way to kick-off a new series about my photos and these patterns...I will post another theme or pattern I'm thinking about soon.

If you are interested in my photos, please visit my Flickr or find me on Instagram. I've also posted some of my favorite pictures on my website.

Thanks for reading. 

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