Monday, January 6, 2014

Moving and Starting

I moved all my furniture and tools into my studio on Friday on what seemed like the coldest day ever. It was below zero! I got everything set-up for the most part and I'm sure I'll move things around a bit more as I adjust to the new space. I also have to hang some things on the wall which is always very fun for me. The space is feeling really good already!

As you know, I've been walking, collecting images and thinking, and today, I'm going to start working. This day is always an exciting and daunting one and I feel the same as I usually do, both enlivened
and scared. I will probably do some sketching and maybe make a maquette in paper. I just want to get some initial thoughts into physical form as the next step in my process.

Thanks for reading.

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Catherine Chandler said...

Yay! I cannot wait to see what the coming weeks hold. And oh my, I would love to see what's in that book collection :) Starting making is always the daunting aspect for me, as well. I seem to find a million ways to procrastinate before finally just making. But then, once I'm there, I'm really there. Best of luck, dear!