Thursday, January 16, 2014

Necessary Critical

I got to work in my studio yesterday for about six hours, the most time I've had in there since I moved all my furniture and tools in. I worked on the last piece in my Alone/Together series and now it feels like I'm really making progress. As I sat there stitching with my headphones on, I realized just how important studio time is. In the past, when I've been on my own, I could work as much as I wanted, whenever I wanted. My day is now divided between responsibilities at home to my parents and my work in the studio. My home time can be very busy and every day seems to bring something new to deal with, some things often difficult and draining. I would love to establish a routine, but I realize that may not be possible so I will take my studio time when I can get it. And, when I do get it, I will cherish it. I stayed away from the internet yesterday (except for Spotify!) and I turned the volume on my iPhone off. I minimized distractions and worked as hard as I could. It felt really good but it also made me feel sad. Being in the studio is necessary because I have to work, practically speaking, but from a creative, emotional and mental standpoint, it is critical. I need that time to use my mind and my hands, and to be happy. It feeds me, which sounds cliche, but it's very true. I miss my long days but I am grateful for the moments I do have now.

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