Friday, January 17, 2014

Looking In

a hidden space 

I'm still walking around town as much as I can and I'm spending a lot of time thinking. I'm remembering things I did here, places I liked to visit, how I felt… I often have these flashes of memory: a vision of a moment or a feeling, appearing suddenly in my mind, one that could only happen because I am physically in this place. As I walk and look, I see things that trigger memories, some clear and some rather hazy. I notice things I've seen a million times and other things I have never seen before. I recall sounds and smells and music I listened to. On one of my first walks I simultaneously felt as though I knew the whole town perfectly and like I had never been here before. It was a strange feeling. I realize now just how little I actually know of individual streets and where they lead. This is interesting to me. I feel as if I am an outsider looking in on a place I have only read about.

my parents lived here when they first moved to town…I was not born yet

the dime store where my brother and I used to buy candy

the facade of a metal building on a street I walked down for the first time recently

...and I never noticed these until last winter. They are on Main Street. 

A field down a road that leads to a lake. This road seemed magical to me as a child. 

I've added lots of photos to Flickr and to Facebook.

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