Friday, January 24, 2014

Guest Star #129…Filippo Minelli


Today's Guest Star is Filippo Minelli and I'm pretty much in love with everything he creates, from ephemeral clouds of colorful smoke to macro-style, site-specific pieces to gallery installations. I like the simplicity of his work and how each piece is bold and subtle at the same time. I like his use of text in either singular words or short sentences. I like the unusual spaces and places he chooses to create these works in, some urban, some rural. I like that he uses a variety of methods and materials: spray paint, fire, smoke, stickers, light, neon, video...The impermanence and vulnerability to the elements and their environments is fascinating as well. I have always been interested in the moment-marking aspect of street art and graffiti, how the presence of the artist is captured right there and how that moment can last for a long time or be covered up or removed almost immediately. Filippo's pieces resonate in this way with me, and in many other ways...


Art is the new television go back to your life


NonPlace Branding-NoWhere Forever

See more of my favorite pieces by Filippo Minelli on Pinterest.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog. I guess you know your web site has been down a few days. I just sent 50 dollars for a chance to be in your summer workshop at Penland. I am really looking forward to this.

Amy Tavern said...

Thanks, Roxy! And, I hope I see you in my class next summer! (Also, my site is down…trying to migrate servers and emails, etc, etc…should be back up Monday!)