Thursday, April 2, 2009

wow, cool!

i got some interesting press recently. the first is in a publication called "l'essentiel" from luxembourg about the work i have at cbijoux in switzerland. it mentions my minimalist style.

the second is from design*sponge which i am incredibly excited to be in. i've loved that blog for years!

"Good Idea: Make something special


I have been working for 9 months on a project called jewelry of the month. I set out with the intention of giving myself some creative freedom while offering my customers affordable limited edition jewelry. During these difficult financial times I understand that jewelry is among the things people stop buying – I am trying to give my customers something special and worthwhile for when they do decide to spend some money. It has been a fun and challenging project. In addition to using different techniques and unusual materials I will also collaborate every season with a friend who works in another medium."

thanks for reading.


Meg said...

congratulations! design sponge - that's huge!

klineola said...

Awesome! Congratulations!

Amy Tavern said...

thanks to you both!