Thursday, April 9, 2009

caught-up? what?

what will it be? forgotten secret? rossland? eastern shoreline?

my work day is typically composed of time at my bench and time at my computer. the amount 0f time at each varies from day to day. i always have a running to-do list which never seems to get any shorter. but for the past few weeks i have been more of a workaholic than usual, working from early in the morning until late evening just to get caught up, and this time around i've nearly reached my goal. i feel satisfied, which is an unusual feeling for me. i haven't been at the bench much; instead i've been behind my computer. i've also been painting and rearranging my studio. i've pared down my list enough to have every remaining item scheduled, including some free time. it feels really good. i feel like i know what's going on for the first time in a long time and can think about things individually. i can also look forward to the different events in the future and see them realistically. they are clear, whereas last week they were fuzzy. my mind feels calmer, not like it's racing to get ahead or on top. i made some goals for myself - complete studio painting and set-up by april 17 (penland resident artists' first open house of the year) and get my production line organized and in a routine by may 1. both dates are still ahead, but i do think i will be prepared when they come around. once these are met, then i can finally get into my residency.

here's an idea of the kind of things i've been working on:

catalog edits and updates
studio painting
website updates
marketing updates
scheduling and planning
inventory issues for 2008 taxes
other tax stuff for my bookkeeper
filling mail orders and wholesale orders
writing a book project

in the midst of writing directions for my lark books 30-minute earrings project

i hope that all makes sense...i needed to get it written down.

thanks for reading.

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