Friday, April 3, 2009

guest star friday #42...sonia morel

i was reminded of today's guest star friday last night as i was moving my books around in my studio. i happened to flip through adorn by amanda mansell and saw a pendant by sonia morel. i paused for a few moments and thought about how she made the piece and realized i wanted to know more about sonia and her work. i've been searching for info and images and have found very little. i did find a few pieces that are new to me - i was only familiar with her pendants like the one pictured above. i was pleased to find different jewelry which i have added below. what i'm seeing in all of this work and what interests me is the feeling of movement and speed, the repetition, and the layering...and of course, i love the overlapping of negative space in this very cuff:

see more at tactile

read more about sonia at alternatives gallery

thanks for reading.


Linda Starr said...

wow, love her jewelry. I don't wear jewelry, but this is some great stuff.

Amy Tavern said...

yes, yes it is! perhaps this is the kind stuff that would get you to start wearing it?! :)