Wednesday, April 1, 2009

april jewelry of the month

it's the first and time for the 10th edition of jewelry of the month! april’s jewelry of the month was inspired by a few things i loved in the past - calico fabric and making yo-yo's in my spare time. in college i sewed a lot of my own clothes and loved making dresses out of calico. then one of my friends taught me how to make yo-yo’s and i could sit for hours making them. i never did anything with them, though. i think i just liked the process of simple, quick sewing, and the end product was just so sweet on its own. this month i pulled out some prints from my fabric collection and chose several complimentary ones. i then made six unique yo-yo pendants that also have pins sewn on the back so they can be worn either as a necklace or as a pin.

the pin/pendants are 2" wide and available in (from left to right): lavender corduroy, wood grain, brown paisley, turquoise, lime green with white dots, and white with a delicate yellow pattern. each yo-yo comes with attached pin, jump ring and 18” sterling silver chain. the fabrics are all 100% cotton.

the yo yo pin/pendants are $40 each and each comes with a numbered and signed card as always.

thanks for reading.

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