Thursday, April 30, 2009

taking a break and other stuff

i am going to take a break from blogging, twitter, facebook, flickr, etc. starting tomorrow after i post may's jewelry of the month. i've been thinking about how much time i spend on these things and it's a lot. although fun and worthwhile, they are incredibly distracting and lately they seem to fill the time i could be using to work in my studio. i find myself getting increasingly frustrated. so, i am going to step away for a month and not worry about any of it. i am just going to make my work, starting each day early and working as long as i want uninterrupted. i do worry that the lack of communication for so long could hurt me a little (people may lose interest…) but i think it’s a risk worth taking. i'll start up again in june and, hopefully, all of you will come back for more then.
now just a few studio is done and i've added lots of pictures to my flickr photostream . my partner and i worked many long hours fixing it up and painting. we finished on april 17 just in time for my first resident artist open house. i am really pleased with the finished space and eager to get to work in there! all i want now is a good sofa to put near my bookcase so i can relax, look at my books, and think about things. i am also in the process of adding new work images to my website studio jewelry section, to flickr, and to facebook. they should all be updated shortly. finally, i updated my events list (look to your right) with a few new things.

have a great month, enjoy the spring, and see you soon!

thanks for reading.


Sayo said...

have a good break!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm I love your studio, I'm thinking about moving my studio to a similar space...enjoy more studio time, looking forward to see what you come up with!

Anne said...

Great space! You need to feed yourself first then you can entertain others. Good luck.