Monday, April 6, 2009

news and updates

i recently had my klimt02 page updated with some new images and information. i changed my portrait, too. the last one was embarrassingly large. i think the new one is much better. you can view the page here. i am also a new jewelry artist on object fetish, an online jewelry gallery. when i was invited to be on the site i spent some time getting to know the other artists and site features. i was happy to find lots familiar names and several friends including sarah loertscher, aran galligan, geoff giles, and arthur hash. i know i will spend more time there over the next couple if weeks getting to know the artists that are new to me. (i see a great resource for guest star friday...) you can view that page here.

i also added some new studio shots to my flickr page. these pictures were taken when i first started painting the space. this week i will be painting the windows and the entryway door. i will be adding more pictures soon once the project is complete.

finally, i started adding model pictures to my website shop. you'll find them in the preface collection. more coming...
thanks for reading.

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