Wednesday, April 29, 2009

...speaking of enameling

yesterday i learned a little enameling from elizabeth turrell and her students in the penland spring concentration metals class. ( i tried enameling in college and when i say "tried" i mean one of my friends' showed me and i spent maybe an hour at it.) this time around i spent the day and just did some experimenting. elizabeth explained the different colors and fluxes (all liquid enamels), showed me how to fire my first plate, and how to stone (file/sand) away the layers. then i just went for it, trying not to think to much. it was really fun and so different from what i usually do! i like the plates i made, too, and will probably make a series of pieces using them. most of the plates have two or three layers of enamel which i have drawn into with different tools and stoned to highlight and define certain areas.
thanks for reading.

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