Friday, March 27, 2009

guest star friday #41...yu-chun chen

necklace - untitled, steel, 18K gold, lacquer, 2009.

my friend joanna gollberg recently introduced me to the work of yu-chun chen, a jeweler from taipei, taiwan. i am interested in her work for many reasons. at first view, i like the shapes and textures, the use of alerternative materials and techniques, and the collage style compositions. upon closer inspection, i really like the softness of the appearance, the quiet and intimate character, and the subtle details.
brooch - "flowerness of the bird II", iron, paint, horn, steel, 2007

brooch - untitled, iron, tourmaline, wood, silver, 2009.


you can see more work on klimt02.

thanks for reading.

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chunderella said...

Hi Amy,
Thank you for featuring me on your blog! And thanks for the compliment!
I got this link through Raissa~
I also get to appreciate your work as well! wonderful! keep up good work!

greetings, Chun