Tuesday, March 10, 2009

acc. ok.

i've been back from acc baltimore for about a week now and i'm feeling good about the show and my experience there. i feel much the same way i did when i returned from the august buyers market show. i learned a lot, was fascinated by the scene, and was excited about the people i met...all ditto for acc. i arrived on thursday, march 26 and spent the day setting up with fellow jewelers, maya kini, jennaca davies, and stacey webber. things weren't quite ready for us when we got there so there was some waiting at first, but then we got started and the booth just unfolded. it was fun to work with maya, jennaca, and stacey and it was fantastic to see their work in person. i posted more images on my flickr.
the show opened the next morning and i was astonished by the droves of people. there was constant action for the first couple of hours. over the next three days i met so many people - customers, show attendees, fellow artist participants, colleagues....and, as i mentioned on friday, one of the highlights for me was meeting biba schutz.

as for the other searchlighters...what an amazing group of artists. i was psyched to be included among such great work. i think we presented a very strong show and i was really impressed by the work. you can see images on flickr at searchlight 2009. you can also read more about searchlight at acc's site and at greenjeans brooklyn, the blog of amy shaw, who designed this year's show.

thanks for reading.

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