Wednesday, March 25, 2009

more new work talk and now on twitter

i sent off my spring newsletter this morning which included info on my new collection pieces, changes to my shop, updates on upcoming exhibitions, and some residency news. i've been working on establishing a schedule for myself over the past year with the newsletter by sending one out around the first day of every new season. i really don't like to send too many emails to my mailing list but four seems reasonable and i like my method. i will post a copy of the newsletter on my facebook page if you would like to read it. you can also sign up for my newsletter here and you'll be on the list for the summer edition. speaking of facebook, i recently updated my page with more pictures. i added more to flickr, too. AND, i am now on twitter! i will "tweet" from my studio daily. it is a lot of work to keep up with all this stuff, but it is a fun experiment - come find me!

just to touch on the new collection items...i added about 15 new pieces on friday and along with my fall preview items, there are 25 new items altogether. my favorites are the aligned stem earrings, the quick bend pieces, and the egg pins. i especially like those little pins. they are so satisfying - you can just pop one on and go. cute!

thanks for reading.

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