Monday, March 31, 2014

Taking It All In

sometimes I feel like my eyes are in my hands

It's been just a few days since I've arrived and I'm just beginning to take it all in. Jet lag has been pretty rough on me, which is not unusual, but is something I seem to forget every time. I barely sleep with jet lag even though I am exhausted and then I find it hard to concentrate and motivate. I'm feeling some pressure due to the amount of time I have, but I imagine this working to my advantage once I have a more concrete idea. I know I can't force any of this, but I have to keep the timing in mind. Striking a balance between these will be a challenge, staying on task while allowing things to happen naturally… I have gone on a few walks so far, just wandering with a few destinations in mind. So far I am thinking about islands and the connections we create as we go from place to place. I'm wondering about how I create home in a new place, especially a new place that is also foreign. I'm also looking closely at roof lines and these funny pruned trees. I will continue to walk and observe today and tomorrow and then I'll regroup. The actual creation really needs to begin on Wednesday…

islands off the coast of Sweden
today I will travel to the islands of the Southern Archipelago

little floating islands
I could have watched these guys for hours, they just floated on their backs the whole time

rooflines and street light

these oddly pruned trees are all over Gothenburg

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Anonymous said...

Tell us about the islands. I don't know why they do that to the trees, but they "top" trees in Louisville KY too for some reason.