Friday, March 14, 2014

Guest Star #135…The Gif

Yes, I know, the Gif is not a specific artist or even a person… but I'm really into Gifs right now. I was first introduced to Gifs by my photographer, Hank Drew, in 2011. He showed me the work of Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck and at the time I didn't know the form had a specific name. I just thought they were really cool, moving photographs. Now I know they are Gifs and I've started taking serious notice. I tend to like ones that are more graphic and simply love the variety of movement. Here are a few of my favorites:

See my ever-growing collection of Gifs on Pinterest...

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Those are so cool, I didn't know about gifs until today. They remind me of the old comic books (maybe they still do this) that had a little drawing in the up right corner, and when you flip the book, the cartoon moved, like your own personal cartoon show.
Roxy Lentz

Amy Tavern said...

I tried to post this earlier…I'm excited to introduce you to these. I LOVE them! And, I do see the similarities between them and flip books. Those are so fun!

Unknown said...

I love these Amy! Thanks for growing your collection of gifs on Pinterest so I can follow them there. I shared your work with Jonathan Brilliant the other day. He's another artist with a persistent work/make/experience/learn balance like you. He says he digs your work :-)

Looking forward to more of your posts dear friend <3

Heather A.