Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I Live Here Now, Part 11

removing threads

I've been thinking a lot about rituals and have realized the use of ritual in my work is becoming important. I am an intuitive maker, but also have this analytical part of me and I think ritual fits in with both of these. I used ritual in several new pieces, creating a unique process with a sacred or spiritual feel to it for each one. Sometimes the ritual happened without trying, while other times I purposely choose it before I began. For a piece about friendship, I asked a number of friends to collect a material for me and to follow steps that required them to recall moments in our friendship, finishing the process by make a request for me. This process could be done silently or out loud. In another piece using deconstruction that took several days, I thought about very specific things as I worked, basically meditating for hours. In yet another piece, I recreated mix tapes that belonged to my brother and then listened to them back to back, again, meditating as I listened. There is something very satisfying, grounding and beautiful in ritual for me. It also feels natural and I plan to explore this more in the coming months.

dirt collected by friends

listening to my brother's mix tapes

More about all of this soon…

Thanks for reading. 

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