Friday, March 7, 2014

Guest Star #134…Brian Eno

When I read the above quote by Brian Eno, I stopped in my tracks. I think about this very thing, or something similar, a lot in regards to my work. It's something I want for my work, I strive for it. Seeing this concept in front of me in bold letters made a huge impact and it got me really excited. Then just over the last few days I've been reading about Brian Eno, listening to his music and looking at images of his visual art. I find all of it quite fascinating. I find what he says inspiring and also comforting. Things he says about the importance of working with limitations, the value of surrender, how he wants to alter the viewer's sense of time while looking at his work, even how he finds the titles for his songs. I can't say much more right now because I'm only beginning to take it all in. I can say the things I just listed, and so many other aspects of his work and process, are all ideas that deeply resonate with me.

from Oblique Strategies

from 77 Million Paintings

from 77 Million Paintings

light projected on the Sydney Opera House

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